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Ansel Adams, who like me was also a musician, liked to say that the negative is the score and the print is the performance. In the digital age, the digital file replaces the negative. I consider a JPG file to be the equivalent of a slide and a RAW file is more like a negative. JPG files can be viewed directly on any electronic device but a RAW file needs to be processed first and converted to a JPG to be used.


Whatever the file format, virtually every image can be improved using image editing software. This is especially true if high quality permanent prints are desired or if the images will be printed in a book or glossy magazine.


For twenty-three years I owned a custom photo lab so I believe I know what is necessary to make a good image great. In addition to copying and restoring old, faded or damaged photos, I can also make high quality, museum quality prints from your digital files, negatives, slides, or prints. If desired, I can convert your color photos to black and white and make wonderful long-lasting prints.

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